Growing up.
Friday, February 5, 2010, 5:07 AM

Suddenly I feel that I'm growing up. Don't feel like growing up so quickly. Time passes very quickly indeed. Life in polytechnic is very different like in secondary school. Always have presentation. Those who like to speak in front of everyone, here is you chance. Haha. We did a presentation yesterday doing a case-study on Nanyang Optical. It is our ICA 1. We spoke in front of hundreds of people individually. Oh mine. I was so nervous. The lecturer was damn strict. After the presentation, he will pick one of us to answer questions and marks will be given. At the end of the presentation, the lecturer announced that my group presentation is the best! Haha. Need to wear formal business wear starting from the next presentaion.

Hubby is having practice everyday till 10p.m. at marine parade CC. for the opera performances in March. Even on Saturday and Sunday. Awww...we have lesser and lesser time together. Hate the feeling. Hope that the opera will be over soon and Major Tay will return me my hubby.

Tomorrow is my baby's 23th birthday. At here, I hope that hubby will get into NIE, get his license and be happy always. Little Gerald will hug hug daddy...

Life in NYP...
Monday, January 25, 2010, 7:30 PM

It has been quite some time since I last blog. Was pretty busy recently. Jing shan is having meeting very often. Thus, I need to type a lot of minutes then send out to all. Many members seems to be getting bored in Jing shan. And quite a number of them are leaving. Really hope that they will stay. Oh well...I can't stop them. But nevertheless, I will try my best to hold my group together.

The Direct Admission to NYP has started one week ago. We had the leadership and team building camp last monday and tuesday which we have to stay overnight at a campsite in sembawang. It was kinda wulu. Cause it is at the far end. Make a number of new friends. They're all pretty good and friendly except for one or two. Then when we wake up on tuesday, we moved to another campsite at kallang there. We have to play with those height challenger. But they are kind enough to let us choose ourselves if we want to play. But being a sporty person, I took up the challenge. And I pair up with Karen to play. It was kinda scary but fun. Then from last wednesday to friday, we have lesson on communication skill. We even have a test on Friday! Luckily I was well prepared. Cause it stands 20% of our overall marks. And this marks will be reflected in our year end report. Spend my precious weekends with my baby. We went to orchard to date. And we even try the fruit tart! It's damn nice. And sunday, we have meeting at jing shan. Due to my laziness, I still have not touch on the minutes till now. Will do it on wednesday. Haha.

This week, we will be having modules on exploring electronics, first aid on action, introdution of enterprinership and lastly the communication skills. All of which, we have projects and assignment to hand in. We have lesson on exploring electronic yesterday. It was damn bored. I nearly fall asleep. And I went to explore the gym in NYP with Karen. We did a number of workout from different stations and guess what? We are dead tired after gym training. Hope it will be better ahead.

Release of O'level results
Monday, January 11, 2010, 6:49 PM

It's a new year of 2010! I'm getting so excited when I thought that I'm going to NYP. Just got back my results yesterday. I got 19 points. Kinda relief. Cause I thought I would be getting all C6 all something like that. And yes! I'm going to my desired course NURSING! Yeah! Finally after so long I'm moving on to tertiary studies. Gonna study hard with baby. The DPA camp is starting next monday. And that campsite is at the far end of sembawang. So damn wu lu. My god. Hope I can make some new friends and survive through...

Pre-Christmas celebration
Sunday, December 20, 2009, 11:55 PM

Wake up late yesterday morning. Suppose to wake up around 7am cause I'm meeting baby at 8a.m. but end up I wake up at 8.15am. Oh mine. Called baby to ask him to go to Jingshan first as he is holding the meeting. Bath and rush a cab down to Jingshan. Luckily make it on time for the meeting. Meeting start at 9.15a.m. Most of the commitee memebers came. After the meeting, baby and I had our own practice. After which we head down with all the remaining people to Yongshun house for his baby first month celebration. A lot of people turn up. Left around 2.40p.m. and head home as I'm feeling tired and sleepy. Reach home around 3.30p.m. took a bath and rest till 5p.m. Prepare and went out to go with baby to his poly friends gathering cum pre-christmas celebration dinner. Had our dinner at Aston. I'm so disappointed with their food. Don't understand why do they have such long queue every weekends. After dinner, bought a cup of frozen yoghurt from yami. Is kind of milky though. After which we walked around and head home. Tired tired.

Baby loves me!

Pictures all taken by my baby:)

is not the same as the past...
Friday, December 18, 2009, 7:27 AM

Cookie boy is given away. Hope he get himself a good and responsible owner. He's a good boy. Let me bid farewell to you. Saying goodbye.

Last Friday made a trip to Nanyang Polytechnic to make my payment for the Direct Admission Pre school programme. Cost around $150. From 18 January to some day in march. Before that went to walk around at Ang Mo Kio Hub. Bought some new accesseries, new clothes and new shoes. Really 大采购! Then saturday went to Tampines mall to watch 《花木兰》 with baby and his friend Shenjian. It was a nice show. Would rate it 4.2/5. It quite touching. But it don't happen in real life. Like baby say, don't take a relationship like a fairytale cause it will never be. I'm fantasizing too much with fairytales. How the princess would live happily ever after with the prince after all the ordeal. Now I know that the day wouldn't come.
Then didn't go to Cheng San practice last sunday due to the sudden overbreak of food poisoning! Baby didn't go too. He came to accompany me and brought me a bottle of the pills. It did help. Slack at home the whole day with baby. Went to have our late lunch at singpost around 4 plus. We had aston. Actually wanted to order the japanese food but it doesn't look appealing enough. Had black pepper chicken and baby had the other type of chicken chop. Forgot about what is it. After that baby bought me a bar of chocolate to munch on. He know I like sweet stuff:) Went to popular to walk around then head home. Baby left around 10.30p.m. He was accompanying me like more than 10 hours. My god.
Then this week tuesday, accompany sister to Orchard for job interview. Glad that she got the job. Hope she will make it big. After that went to walk around at ION Orchard. Meet baby there too. Then we went to walk around together. Bought a new bag from Charles&Keith. Just couldn't resist the temptation. Baby choose it for me. Love it. Cost around $60. Oh well. Continue walking around and got some food(sushi) home. Got baby's favourite triangle rice. Haha. Bought two and other sushi. After that took a bus home. And Wednesday, went to visit my grandparents. Glad that they're doing fine. Love them:) And yesterday, didn't went out. Stay at home. Waiting for baby to come and he bought my favourite bubble tea! Had dinner together near my house here. Today went IKEA with dad and sister to look at some decorations as we're going to do some small renovation to my house and mummy's salon. Need some idea. Head home to rest after that. Went out at 5p.m. to watch my little cousin graduation concert. The children look cute and innocent. Suddenly make me think of myself. Picturing myself in 15 years time.

After all the argurments and explaination, I realise that now is not the same as the past. The past look sweeter and closer. Our conversation that day hurt both of us. But I think that it hurt me more since you're doing most of the talking. I'm sort of speechless yet helpless. Just now I'm looking through the archives. What we had both wrote in our own blog. I start to ask myself what is right and what is wrong. I'm experiencing some flashback recently. I found out that the one next to you isn't me. But I still appreciate it that you love me as a whole. I love the way you hug me that day at the junction of the road. It seems like a tragedy but yet a sweet tragedy. I'm still experiencing the one-day-don't-see-homer syndrome sometimes. What about you? Are you still experiencing the one-day-don't-see-elmo syndrome like you had before?

slacking all the while..
Monday, December 7, 2009, 3:52 AM

Secondary school life is finally over. Have been slacking all the while. Haha. Went to Mrs Koh house last saturday. After that took a bus to Punggol Mrt station then off to dhoby ghout. Saturday was quite a terrible day. Shall keep mum about it. Oh well. That's life I suppose.

17th Birthday
Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 7:04 AM

Okays. It has been some time since I last post. O'level was over. And the cello grade exam was over too. What a relief. Phew~ Let me just briefly talk about what happened this few weeks. Had BBQ and camping going on last two weeks. Baby and I were so freaking cold at night that we hug each other very tightly to bed. LOL. But the group of China people wake us up at night by the sound they make. I swear they're freaking noisy. But the BBQ was nice. Everyone that should be there were there. Had fun playing with the young ones. Making ''rocket'' with fireworks. Next day headed to Cheng San CC for the committee meeting. First time doing minutes as secretary. Was worried that I was not able to do it. But luckily I did. Haha. After the meeting, baby and I headed to tampines one to meet up with my CO seniors. Had movie and lunch together. As it was one of their birthday. And it was my birthday the following day. We watched the paranormal activities. I was nice. Quite worth watching. Then on the next day, which is a Monday, 16 Nov, I meet baby at night at marina square. We had our dinner at one of the restaurant there and baby bought me a rich chocolate cake. It was nice and the taste is thick. After which we walked around the shopping mall. Saw a nice beige leather bag there. Cost around $60. Going to buy it soon! Hehe. After that, we headed to the ferris wheel. I enjoyed the whole birthday celebration very much. Thanks baby for planning it so well! Took a cab home from the ferris wheel taxi stand.

Baby, I love love love you!